The desire for beautiful, smooth skin is as old as the history of humankind. Independent of the trend, silky-smooth skin without annoying body hair is for the most people (women and men) a matter of course.

Hair removal with diode laser: the permanent solution

With us, the hair removal is permanent, painless, gentle to the skin and safe, effective for all hair colors (with dark as well as the blond, red or gray hair), suitable for all skin types (for fair as well as for very dark skin) and also possible with suntanned skin. Can be applied to the whole body without hesitation, without restriction of the usual everyday life before and after the treatment.

Permanent hair removal with diode laser:

Area: Duration min.: CHF:
Upper lip/Chin 20 150
Sideburns/Cheeks 20 150
Neck 20 150
Forearms 30 180
Upper arms 30 180
Whole arms 45 360
Armpits 20 180
Lower back 30 180
Shoulders 30 190
Whole back 60 480
Buttock 30 180
Breast 30 190
Belly 30 190
Bikini line 30 190
Whole bikini 30 250
Lower leg 45 360
Thigh 45 360
Whole legs 60 550