Swiss beauty care



Ultimate luxury in the field of Swiss beauty care

Our Swiss beauty care is based on the latest findings in the field of revitalization and anti-aging. Our Swiss cosmetics lines Cellcosmet and Cellmen offer numerous possibilities and ensure spectacular results, and this applies to both women’s and men’s products. Rejuvenate the face, smooth out and fill wrinkles, tone up the body – these are the solutions that our exclusive Swiss beauty care products offer.





  • Opal glass crucible with small opening for optimal preservation of precious cell material in Cellcosmet Cellmen products
  • Crucibles with hermetic protective film guarantee the freshness of the product
  • Sealed overpacks ensure the integrity and safety of the product


  • Product manufacturing conditions under quasi-pharmaceutical and most stringent hygiene requirements (cosmetic GMP)
  • Highest demands on the product quality preclude an industrial production from the outset
  • Limited annual production

Quality control

  • Strict toxicological and bacteriological investigations
  • Efficacy tests performed by independent laboratories
  • Cellular cosmeceuticals tested for dermatological compatibility

* Safety Test / * Hypoallergenic