ANTI-AGING Premium – The new Secret Micro Pin Radio frequecy Therapy – Collagen-Induction Therapy (CIT)

The beauty secret of stars like Angelina Jolie or Cameron Diaz!

The new Secret Pin radio frequency therapy is a minimally invasive, innovative, almost painless antiaging treatment method, which ensures a tangible rejuvenated skin on a gentle way.

At the Secret Micro Pin radio frequency therapy is used the stamping procedure. A sterile treatment head with 12 up to 20 thin needles penetrates the upper skin layer with periodical intervals. The penetration depth can be personalized on your skin. The needle penetration creates fine canals in the epidermis. This canals cause the body’s own healing mechanisms, which produce more collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid and those bolsters the skin up from inside out.

The result: Cell regeneration through Collagen-Induction -Therapy (CIT) – for a brilliant, healthier appearance!

RF-Secret – Micro Needling with radio frequecy

Area: Duration min.: CHF:
Face 60 690
Face package of 3 3×60 1800
Décolleté 30 290
Neck area 30 290
Mouth area 30 190
Eyes and forehead 40 390
Eyes and mouth 40 390
Spider veins/Couperose removal At cost