Cosmelan Depigmentation Treatment

Efficient cosmetic lightening method against skin blemishes caused by melanin.

Excessive facial pigmentation, such as chloasma and age spots, has become a serious problem. Cosmelan aims to reduce and eliminate skin blemishes of melanic origin. Application of Cosmelan inhibits the melanogenesis process paralyzing melanin production for a long period of time during which corneum stratum flaking plus the action of the macrophagic cells taking the melanin deposits with them. This treatment can be applied at any time of the year. After 1 to 2 weeks you will already notice a significant change in the skin structure. The treated areas become clearer; the skin texture gets velvety smooth and rejuvenated.

Cosmelan – Depigmentierung-Behandlung

Area: Duration min.: CHF:
Gesicht und Hals 60 1200